Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Follow up on Tanya Hills

Tanya Hills is still alive.  She is 76 years old residing in the western u.s. and is a chiropractor.  She was a tennis player back in the day and Agnes actually mentions her tennis game in one of the handwritten letters I had.  She is also a Registered Nurse.  It appears that she never married and has a twin sister named Sandra. The more I read about this woman the less inclined I am to take Quint Benedetti’s observations about her being some sort of trouble maker.  Benedetti alleged that Tanya lied about Agnes’ driver to insinuate herself into Agnes’ holiday at the farm in Ohio.  I think his observations are a colored a great deal by his jealousy of Tanya and her expanding roll in Agnes’ life.  I think that if Mollie did not like Tanya it most likely had to do with her daughters closest relationship at the time was with a woman.  That says to me that Mollie was aware of her daughter’s attraction to both sexes and determined to prevent anything untoward, in her opinion, from happening.  I still don’t think contacting Tanya will produce any answers because if her relationship with Agnes was as intense as it seems to have been given her age Tanya is unlikely to talk about it.  Food for thought.

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