Monday, February 7, 2011

Hamilton Evening Journal Tuesday January 28, 1929

Agnes Moorehead Former Hamilton Girl, Achieving Success On Stage

That the drama and the church are nor far separated on many occasions is illustrated in the success that is coming to Miss Agnes Moorehead, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. John H. Moorehead, who has chosen the career of an actress.  Miss Moorehead is well known in Hamilton having spent a number of the years of her life here, while her father, now pastor of the Memorial Presbyterian church in Dayton, was the  pastor of the First United Presbyterian church of Hamilton.
Miss Moorehead is now a senior at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, admittedly the outstanding school for the training of serious stage aspirants in the country.
Miss Moorehead had the honor of appearing in the head role of Anna Valenska in Walter Hachett's popular comedy, "Captain Applejack," when the senior students of the academy presented this play on Broadway for three performances the past week--one on Friday at the Lyceum Theatre and two yesterday at the McMillan Theatre.
During this week, the play will be repeated at Columbia University.  The presentation of "Captain Applejack" was the first of the year series of productions of the senior students of the academy and in other to follow Miss Moorehead is also to play the lead roles, she has been informed.
Miss Moorehead has been a diligent student of the drama in its more serious phases during the last three years she has been attending the academy, and during the last two years she has played all but two leading roles in the academy productions, so outstanding has her work been considered.
Miss Moorehead, a girl of striking beauty and vivid personality, was born while her father was in charge of the pastorate in Clinton Mass.  While he was a pastor in St. Louis, Miss Moorehead, who also has an excellent singing voice, was often heard over station KMOX, being referred to as the "Lady Tenor" because of the peculiar timbre of her voice which is decidedly of that register.
Miss Moorehead's ambition, according to her proud mother, is to conduct a dramatic studio of her own, but she does not propose to do this until she has gained some actual stage experience following her work in the academy.
During the summer, she expects to go into stock, a course which she regards as excellent training for her particular needs.  She will complete her studies in March and will visit her parents at 10 Stonemill Road in Dayton, where she has been on but one occasion before starting her professional work. 
A short time ago she had an excellent opportunity to join a stock company in New Orleans, but declined in the belief that completion of her course in the academy, with the training she is getting by appearing on Broadway with the academy production, is of too great value to pass up.
Though the initial play in which she appeared publicly is a comedy, Miss Moorehead's leanings are more toward the strictly dramatic and it is this line she hopes to win her laurels when she enters her work professionally

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Evening, May 23, 1938 The Zanesville Signal

Rev. Moorehead Dies In Church
Rev. John H. Moorehead, pastor of the Kohr Memorial Presbyterian church in Columbus died suddenly while conducting services at the church Sunday morning.
Rev. Mr. Moorehead was a native of Rix Mills and received his education at Muskingum and Monmouth colleges.  He graduated from Xenia Theological Seminary of which his uncle, Dr. W.G. Moorehead, was president for 22 years.
In 1900 he was ordained to the United Presbyterian ministry and during the World War served as chaplain at the Great Lakes Training Station at Chicago.  He served at pastorates in Scottdale Pennsylvania, Clinton Massachusetts, Hamilton Ohio, St. Louis, Dayton and Columbus Ohio.
He is survived by his wife Mrs. Mary Moorehead, a daughter Mrs. Agnes Lee, New York, a sister Miss Camilla Moorehead, New Concord, and two brothers Mark Moorehead, Rix Mills and Howard Moorehead, Denver.
Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending the arrival of the daughter from her home in New York.  Mrs. Lee is Agnes Moorehead comedienne of the Phil Baker Sunday evening programs originating in New York.  She formerly appeared on the Al Pierce Show, Ben Bernie Show and The March of Time.