Thursday, June 21, 2018

Question about Personality Type

I was recently asked what Agnes' personality type might be according to the Myers Briggs test.  Let me start by saying that these tests are only as good as the answers you give when you take them. I personally think it would be more accurate if there was a choice for someone who is all over the map. Trust me if there were Agnes would be on it somewhere. Agnes was a chameleon actually. Her personality depended on the situation she was in.  She claimed to be conservative and was a registered Republican but she had masses of gay male friends who adored her and she adored them. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that she had a gay friend who would often come to stay in Beverly Hills and they had conversations at all hours of the night in various states of undress. Not a prude by any standard, however, she was constantly on about God, the Bible, the way the world was going to pot, drugs, sex and the list goes on. She was an enigma.

My best guess about the Myers Briggs type is that she was an INTP.
Seek to develop logical explanations for everything that interests them. Theoretical and abstract, interested more in ideas than in social interaction. Quiet, contained, flexible, and adaptable. Have unusual ability to focus in depth to solve problems in their area of interest. Skeptical, sometimes critical, always analytical.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Just a Note

Although it may not seem it I'm a reasonable person. I'm considering shutting this blog down to the public at large because of time wasted on comments that are not productive. The most recent one was about a photo of Agnes with Tanya and the stern remark that it's not Tanya it's some reporter or another. Trust me it's Tanya or her twin Sandra but I've info on the pic and other pics of Tanya to compare it to. I've removed the picture but not because I'm wrong it's because I'm tired of anonymous folks preaching to me about Agnes as if they knew her like the back of their own hand. You guys are entitled to believe whatever you chose to believe. The other day I had someone lecture me about grammatical mistakes in one of the pages and to you, I say if you've read it and all you've got to say about it is a snide remark about the grammar then you missed the point of the blog in the first place. You may only comment on this blog if you identify yourself and if you cannot be bothered to do that I cannot be bothered to give a crap about your opinion. If you want to troll someone please feel free to go to Twitter and troll somebody.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Tanya Hills

Item number 2 on the list of most asked questions in the comment section is, of course, Agnes' sexuality. I've repeatedly said and must continue to say that the only person who can actually answer some of these questions is dead and has been for 44 years. The last speculated relationship Agnes had was with Tanya Hills.  I posted a video a while ago about Tanya and her twin sister Sandra living in a van in California. There was a drive to collect money to assist them in getting an apartment. I contributed to that in honor of Agnes.

I've just really recently been told by a friend of Tanya's that she is now in an assisted living environment and is suffering from dementia. I've also been advised that Tanya still keeps a photograph of Agnes by her bed as well as speaking openly about the intensity of the relationship and how much she loved Agnes. So, really no surprises
 here at all, however, who knows how long her mind will be able to recall all of this. I was invited to ask questions of Tanya but again I opted not to. Why you may well ask? The answer is simple and identical to my reason for letting Sean live his life quietly. Tanya never ever attempted to make one single penny off her relationship, whatever it may have been, with Agnes. She could have done so easily multiple times but her loyalty to Agnes is such that she did not. This I think deserves consideration at the deepest level. Let the woman have her memories of Agnes as long as she can hold on to them and let her remaining time on this plane be quiet so that she can live in those memories as long as she can.

Sean Really

Things in my world have gotten really, really crazy so forgive the lack of posts in like centuries and the total lack of post moderation. I seriously did not realize I had so many comments to moderate and that many of them are well over a year old. So, while reading the comments I found, of course, many questions about Sean. How's the search for Sean going is truly the most asked question in the comment section. Ok, folks, I'm going to bring you up to date as much as I feel I can without impacting the privacy of anyone.

Long story short version
I know where and who Sean is. The last I checked well over a year ago he was very much alive and living with his blood family. I received some anonymous information about the twin sister that Sean allegedly had and where she might be found. She was adopted by another Hollywood giant. I discussed that in an earlier post. She too is alive and well at last glance. I know that people will be clawing at the woodwork to find him but I have made a decision to pursue it no further. My reason is very simple it's because he never publically spoke a bad word about his foster mother ever. He could have profited from it 10 times over but made the decision not to and for that I respect him. Having said that I would ask anybody reading this to do the same. Not one single dollar was made off of Agnes by Sean. His life is being lived simply and he deserves that.

Divinely Agnes

Dotting I's and Gaping G's
You cannot even begin to know how much time I've spent in the last 2 weeks looking at Agnes Moorehead's signature. Every time period has been covered from her college years to the "Bewitched" years. I've compared. I've questioned. I've looked at loops and gaps. I've seen connections and disconnections and this letter I've talked about just keeps agreeing with me at every turn. The letter in and of itself is a startling find and frankly folks it has blown my wee little mind. R
The signatures match. The language is right. While it is next to impossible to determine where they met I think we can all agree that they knew each other quite well. I've looked at the movements of Agnes, the only way I can, via newspaper articles and believe me folks it is a fact that they may have crossed trails so many times it's not even funny.

I digress though because this is still about one of the most important things to come to light since "Boze Hadleigh's" interview with her. I would even go a step further and say that interview leads us directly back to this letter. There are a few key parts that mesh with the tone of this letter 1000%.

  1. Agnes refers to her relationships with women as "But I don't want anyone misinterpreting what was beautiful and even spiritual." and that ideal connects right to the ethereal language of the letter. Especially in the line that says; "But more than the ecstasy of flesh I miss your soul." If you don't consider that spiritual let alone beautiful I don't know what is.

  1. "Women operate on a different plane; the feelings are emotional, not physical." Please see item number 1. 
  2. "Men are this-sexual or that sexual, but females, in that sense, are a different species. A woman may love a person who is this or that male or female. Love doesn't have a sex." Please review the letter in the first post about this and see item number 1 as well.
  3. "Well, I have loved women of course." Yup see the letter and every other item here.
  4. "With two women, it's more difficult to know where love leaves off and the other begins.  With men, it's clearer." See every item here and reread that letter.
  5. "Why bring up sex? That's men's concern or habit.  They talk that way and want to drag women down to their level, to have no class." No matter how you cut it not a big fan of men apparently. Please see everything else in this blog having to do with this subject.
  6. "If I make a statement to you  know, it will be used and misinterpreted and one way or another it will represent me, if it's controversial or shocking enough, in who knows how many future books." Speaks for itself really.

I know there are people out there who will debate this until the cows come home and to them, I say that is your right. What people might want to consider is that I, myself, have had personal experience with a much older woman. I can also assure you that, like Agnes, she had been married and that, like Agnes, nobody in their right mind ever looked at her thinking wow she's a lesbian. She was born in 1925 and was a dyed in the wool Mormon. Chew on that for a little while. She was born in Salt Lake City and she, like Agnes, had very devout parents dedicated to their religion. I'm just saying if you're going to use the argument that Agnes was married and came from a religious family you need to look at her from a different angle. Unlike the woman I was involved with Agnes was a young adult during the 1920's. The 20's were a time of fluid sexuality and highly open minds. Women who were born around 1900 also viewed sexuality from a Victorian viewpoint. Romantic friendship had been going on forever and was seen as "preparation" for marriage. So why am I babbling on about this? Handwriting folks, handwriting.

The signatures on the bottom are both from 1965. The two examples on the top from the 1937 letter. Please note that 3 of these handwriting examples match and one appears to be markedly different. The first 1965 signature is almost identical to the one on the letter. The second 1965 is left slanted and her name is very severe at first and the florid at the end doesn't match as well. The reason this is very important is that the first 3 handwriting examples, along with many others that would take forever to compare, is that they are examples of personal handwriting. The check had to do with Sean's time in the United Kingdom, very personal and we know the context of the first 2. The bottom signature was made out to a store and there was no personal connection there. It is an autograph not a signature.  If you want to know the woman look beyond "Bewitched" and her public persona. Look at her personal items things that meant something to her and you'll find her there. Agnes was not Endora even though a large part of that character is laden with what we assume is Agnes. It is laden with those things she wanted us to see. 
In her own words:
" My work anyone can see.  I never really cared to share anything with the public, besides my work." 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Distracted Husband Lillian Westrum Keyes Part 2

The definition of distracted is :
Having one's thoughts or attention drawn away: unable to concentrate or give attention to something. This is the word used to describe Lillian's husband in the obituary attached to the back of her photograph and below the letter, we have been discussing. In all my years I have never ever seen that term used in an obituary let alone describe the spouse of the deceased. In a messenger conversation with James, we decided that perhaps it was a comment on the state of the marriage. This seems the most likely explanation. So I began an attempt to find out what I could about Ray Keyes.

His full name was Raymond Edward Keyes and he was born March 7, 1894, in Martin Minnesota. His parents were Edward Keyes and Alma Nelson and he had a sister named Ora Keyes.  Edward Keyes was a hardware salesman from Illinois or New York and his mother a housewife from Sweden. His life overall seems very unremarkable. On the 1920 census, Ray is listed as doing clerical work in a machine shop. Normal right? Well yes up until August in 1929. Ray's first newspaper mention that I've found happens in August 1929 when Albert Lea experienced a very large fire. The fire occurred at a business called Albert Lea Transfer Company. The fire nearly wiped out the business district in Albert Lea.  It's odd because for some reason Ray Keyes had his band equipment stored there along with the equipment of another person named Earl Hunt. Keyes lost 2000.00 worth of equipment and vehicles. It kind of boggles my mind how a man from Martin, Minnesota was able to afford equipment and vehicles valued at 2000.00.  In terms of 1929 money that is a large amount or least, it is for a young man who worked a clerical job in 1920.

The remainder of the information I can find on Ray has to do with tracking where he was playing from 1929 on. He seems to have been booked for outside gigs mostly at fairs or outside venues. The primary information seems to be from Saint Cloud Minnesota.  The gigs are sporadic and mostly summer or fall gigs. What blew my mind is that Ray, the same Ray whose wife killed herself February 11th was back playing gigs by March of 1937. Ray must have been so decimated at having lost his wife, NOT.  Nine days after Lillian's death Ray advertises the goods from their home "priced right." Suddenly Ray doesn't seem so um, what's the word, oh loving.

The other issue that seems to plague Ray seems to be suicides. July 6, 1938, the Minneapolis newspaper "The Minneapolis Star" reports that the sax player, George "Red" Russell, is found hanging in the Albert Lea Courthouse. Allegedly Red seems to have been despondent for a while.

Long story short. Ray traveled a great deal and seemed to become mired in things when he was around. The fire, his wife's apparent suicide, and the suicide of his sax player in a very public place. You will find yourself saying "What the hell is up with this dude?" Then Ray walks away from Albert Lea and goes to Minneapolis. By 1940 is married to one Lorraine Catherine Boudin who is 22 years his junior and December of 1940 has a son.

I can't judge Ray's behavior but I can with some confidence say that his relationship with Lillian seems to have not been a healthy one at least for her. Perhaps that you could go as far as to say he was responsible for her death if only by neglect. Whatever the cause Lillian paid much too high a price.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lillian Palma Westrum Keyes Enigma Part One

The definition of the word enigma is as follows:
a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. It is the only word that I think can be used to describe Lillian Westrum. Her location at any given time is next to impossible to determine save for 4. 

  1. 1. August of 1922 her name shows up in a newspaper article from the town of New Ulm, Minnesota about a "town reunion" dated August 9, 1922. That article lists her address in 1922 as Minneapolis. I kid you not it is the only newspaper article aside from the obituary attached to her photograph that I can find. 
  2. 2.The 1910 census which lists her residing with her mother and biological father in Haywood, Freeborn County, Minnesota. 
  3. 3. The 1920 census which lists her as residing with her biological mother and her stepfather in Hayward, Freeborn, Minnesota. By the way, the census is notorious for making up names, making up birthplace, making up an individuals sex and/or race, and finally for making up towns. I believe Haywood and Hayward are the same place or so the map says in any case. 
  4. Finally, she appears on the 1930 census residing with her husband Ray Keyes in Albert Lea at 509 Park Avenue.  

I can find no high school records, no newspaper articles and let me tell you that attempting to find information on someone of Nordic descent is like trying to walk through a dark room blindfolded without tripping over something.  Lillian's mother was Emma Amelia Kronberg. Her grandfather was Even (Ewen) Olsen Kronberg. Her great-grandfather was Ole Friedland or Frankland. It gets even tougher with her grandmother Sophia Inger Abrahamsdottir Johannesen Johnson. Her maternal great-grandfather is Abraham Johannsen Moesie Johnson. Genealogy is not for the easily frustrated.  So to recap we have Emma or Amelia Kronberg who married Andrew Westrum and bore him 10 children, 5 girls, and 5 boys. Lillian was 3rd from the bottom. Two of her sisters died younger than she Lulu Pearl in 1923 and Inez Verone in 1927. I have no idea what they passed from but Inez was 15 years old and Lulu Pearl was 21. I am sitting in a pile of Norwegians trying to connect the dots and keep track of Lillian. 

I have to admit I thought to try to track French Canadian names was difficult but at least I read, write and speak French. I do not read, write or speak Norwegian and that's a problem because many Lutheran churches in both Wisconsin and Minnesota keep their records in Norwegian. Now for her father's side. Lillian's father was named Andrew Westrum. Andrew's parents were Lars Larsen O Westrum and his wife Karn Karen Mathea Westrum. Great-grandparents are unknown. These folks pretty much came to Wisconsin and Minnesota then parked. Emma Kronberg Westrum was born in Wisconsin but the majority are from Minnesota, Norway, and Sweden. Still with me? 

When you cannot track a persons movements the best way to attempt to determine their locale falls into 3 categories:

  1. 1. Census
  2. 2. Newspaper
  3. 3. School records such as yearbooks.

I've managed 2 out of those three but I learned some interesting things while doing it. Searching the newspapers proved out several theories:

  1. 1. There was a train network that went from New Ulm to Minneapolis and from Minneapolis clear to Chicago with stops in Stevens Point where a spur line ran to New Lisbon Wisconsin. 58 miles southwest of New Lisbon is Soldier's Grove.
  2. 2. Directly between New Lisbon and Wiota lies Reedsburg Wisconsin. Reedsburg is a mere 30 miles south of New Lisbon and was probably serviced by bus.

The odds that Lillian and Agnes were on a train together anytime from Agnes' stint in Soldier's Grove and her tour with Phil Baker are enormous because her mother's family never left Wiota. If there were any visits with family in Wiota they likely would have been on the same train especially since that line terminates in Chicago on one end and Minneapolis on the other. We have established that via rail maps of the period and by attempting to read Norwegian. The other really interesting thing is that Lillian's uncle Ole Evanson Kronberg lived in Chicago. So we have these two women with really enormous odds of being in the same place at the same time over a very long period that being 1922 to 1937. The fact that the train ride from New Ulm to Minneapolis was a little over an hour, found that out by finding an article completely by chance in which is described an automobile accident that left a woman whose last name was Westrum in serious condition. The accident took place outside of Minneapolis and they put her on the train to New Ulm to get medical attention. The train ride according to the newspaper was about an hour and twenty minutes. 

So we have a line that looks like this:
New Ulm to Minneapolis
Minneapolis to New Ulm
Minneapolis to Wiota Wisconsin
Minneapolis to Chicago Illinois
Minneapolis to Albert Lea
Albert Lea to Hayward

This is a finely tuned well-run series of trains and buses. There was even a bus called "The Flying Bus" that was apparently widely known for its rapid rate of speed and lack of long stops. We imagine that because Lillian was from what we perceive as a small town the odds of her ever knowing Agnes are astronomical and that's just not the case. Lillian traveled on her own at least once from Minneapolis to New Ulm because it's documented in a newspaper. With a family spread out along the same lines as the major train system, she could have met Agnes a few hundred times over. I know that we tend to judge travel based on what we know as standard today but in the 20's and 30's trains and buses were the norm and long journeys were viewed as adventures or small breaks from the day to day grind. People dressed up for travel. They conversed with strangers and at least in one instance became extremely close. It was a small world even then. I do believe with a little patience and a quick lesson in Norwegian we will unravel this mystery a small bit at a time.