Friday, November 25, 2016

What You Find When You Aren't Looking

I love this time of the year.  When you finally have time to just sit and spend time looking at all the stuff you haven't been able to read or paging through posts you've been pushing aside for months.  It takes days, hours, minutes and then it hits you between the eyes like a rock.

The woman on the right is Tanya Hills and the woman on the left is her twin sister Sandra.

It turns out that in August of this years it came to light that the two sisters were living in a conversion van in Sonoma County, California. It took me a few minutes to even grasp what I was looking at before I started reading the article.  As I read it I was touched.  It turns out that Tanya had suffered a brain injury and her sister had moved her in with her to look after her.  As I read I wondered what if anything Tanya would be will or able to tell anyone about Agnes. Then out of the blue during the middle of a conversation with Sandra, Tanya volunteered this:

"Tanya adds, "Agnes Moorehead, I met her at a play. She saw me and wanted me to be with her for the rest of her life."

I don't know about anyone else but it was kind of like "FINALLY."  I have no idea what Tanya's brain injury entailed or how it affects her but I do know that often memory is affected and that there are certain types of injury that affects the triggers that might normally stop us from saying something that we might not want to be known.  The fact that Tanya has been silent for all these years leads me to believe that perhaps this was the case with Tanya. I believe that what Tanya remembers is as lovely and peaceful as what she said.  I believe that the relationship was a loving one, maybe not physically but emotionally, and I believe it has sustained Tanya Hills for all these years.

This is the link and I'm just going to leave this here.