Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Ties That Bind

Every now and again I get the random comment from someone claiming that Agnes was either their aunt or great aunt.  I dismiss them generally but I've gotten so many of late and some are actually claiming quite fantastic as well as technically impossible things.  Recently I had one claiming that Agnes had a brother and was this individuals great aunt.  For this reason I feel compelled to once again set out the real family tree.

One Branch, Two Leaves
Agnes Robertson Moorehead was born December 6, 1900 in Clinton, Massachusetts.  Her father was John Henderson Moorehead and Mary Mildred "Mollie" McCauley.  Margaret Ann Moorehead was born April 12, 1906 in Hamilton, Ohio.  There were absolutely no other children born to John and Mollie Moorehead.  So the branch of the family tree containing the offspring of John and Mollie has two leaves, just two.  Margaret Ann Moorehead died in the Miami Valley Hospital at 7:50am on July 14, 1929.  Agnes had no children and neither did Margaret.  So every other scenario that exists out there just simply isn't a fact.

Mother and Father
John Henderson Moorehead was born on April 22, 1869 in Muskingum, Ohio.  His parents were Robert Henderson Moorehead and Hannah Mariah Humphrey.  He had three brothers, one died in its infancy and was never even named, and one sister.  His living brothers were Marcus and Alfred. His sister was named Camilla.

Mary Mildred McCauley was born on August 25, 1883 in Pennsylvania.  Her parents were Edward J.McCauley and Margaret I. Doyle.  She had two sisters named Cecelia Agnes and Emily.

These are the immediate family members.  I would love to post the entire tree but it is simply to time consuming.  These are facts backed up with documents.