Saturday, August 27, 2011

1927 Letter to Lucille Hynes from Agnes Moorehehead

1927 Letter
Dear Lucille,
This heat, tripled with a number of various and sundry duties have delayed answers to ever welcome letters.  It was certainly a joy hearing from you-even the easily recognizable script was a thrill.  I do hope you are considering school this fall.  I should be quite perturbed if you do not go on with your education.
Everyone feels the need of more knowledge as they live on.  No doubt you heard of my work in broadcasting these days.  It has been so much fun-and as things lead on to bigger ones-I am scheduled to sing at one of the Saint Louis theatres for a week.Its rather interesting doing things on a big scale once in a while.
Have been doing some interesting coaching with a Frenchman who has only been in this country a few months.  His broken English is delightful-you would enjoy him.  He certianly knows French Drama to perfection.  Be a good girl and write to me again.  I’ll be more prompt next time.
Agnes R. Moorehead
July 26, 1927
Addressed to Miss Lucille Hynes in Soldier’s Grove

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