Saturday, August 27, 2011

1928 Letter to Lucille Hynes from Agnes Moorehead

1928 Letter
On letter head that reads:  Agnes R. Moorehead
                                         Studio Club
                                         New York City
I was glad to read another letter from you.  I know I owe you more than a letter for your thoughtfulness.  I’m fearfully busy Lucille, much to busy to think of  anything but my work.  I really have to be on the jump constantly, which is nothing out of the ordinary with me-but which is most annoying sometimes when I realize certain things demand my attention and my time.
I was interested in all the news, especially that of Eunice.  Poor dear, life is very tragic for her and she is so young to have to face such things.  I feel sorry for her.  When you see her again, give her my love.  I would like you to find out just the exact date of the local contest at the hall- I think Miss Ogilive has been so desperately busy that she has neglected telling me- so you do it for me.  I know how rushed I used to be at that time.  I hope the usual standard will be maintained.  You will have to go and criticize for me.
New York is surprisingly gorgeous now the weather is ideal and the shops are just bursting with lovely spring clothes.  It is a joy to dash down 5th Avenue and window shop, or to take a brisk walk in Central Park.  One can do so many interesting things here in New York.  It never ceases to be gay and thrilling.
My examinations start in a few weeks and I’m rather keyed up about them.  I can hardly realize that in another two months I will be headed for the west again.  Sad isn’t it?
I must stop now and get to my study.  Don’t work too hard-drawing-etc.
Much Love,
Agnes R. Moorehead
Sent to Lucille Hynes March 6 1928 in Soldier’s Grove.

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