Monday, July 18, 2011

Primary Preference

Okay, I can already hear the nay sayers saying nay and you are more than free to do so.  By the same token I can already hear the Rainbow Coalition screaming "I told you so."  Well, before anybody gets too awfully out of control let's just be clear that none of what I'm writing here proves anything, insinuate maybe, suggest perhaps, but prove nope.  While on my quest to clarify the persona of my beloved cousin I have read and read and read and then read some more.  Here's the skinny kids:

Way back on October 2nd , 1933 there appears an article in the news paper as follows:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
October 2, 1933

Radio People Keep Fingers Crossed--
...Take Agnes Moorehead- "Cousin Anna" to you on those "Evening in Paris" broadcasts-she always plays her hunches-that's how she landed passing marks at Muskingum College, where Helen Twelvetrees and Peggy Fears were classmates....Born a ministers daughter she overlooks the preaching of her friends when she goes into a CBS studio...When you hear her on WJAS tonight she'll be wearing an indian bracelet...nix on diamonds...shudders if picture falls from a wall...never picks up her gloves...once received a lively piglet in a crate from a fan and gave it a home.

Heavens I can see the puzzled looks from here.  Honestly the only reason this is being written was my desire to perhaps have a different view of Agnes' college life.  So I looked up Helen Twelevetrees and Peggy Fears.  Neither of them ever went anywhere near Muskingum College in fact Fears left school at sixteen.  Helen well she had issues and committed suicide in the 1950's but Peggy well there in lies another story altogether.

Peggy Fears was a singer, dancer, actress.  Quite beautiful and screamingly bisexual.  A little fact confirmed by Louise Brooks, who was her lover for a time and Tedi Thurman who openly lived with Peggy on Fire Island.  Peggy Fears was married but did not live with her husband.  She has been described as "having a primary preference for women in her private life."

 Now I know for a fact that there are "documents," of course they don't specify exactly what documents, addressed to Agnes from "Peggy."  Who they came from is still open to debate but trust me when I tell you I will be going to Muskingum University, it's grown since Agnes graduated, to view the collection.  There were at least 3 Peggy's in her life:
First was her sister.  Second Peg LaCentra, with whom she lived.  Third Peggy Fears.  This could prove to be a very interesting find my friends or it could prove to be a wild goose chase.  Only the act of going and looking through the archieves will prove it out one way or another.

I am going to try to make the trip to Muskingum in August and the minute I get back I hope to have another series of articles to discuss the information I gleen from yet more reading and reading and oh yes reading.


Anonymous said...

Interesting finds indeed. I live just 2 hours from Musk, and have been. It's a beautiful campus, and their Agnes archives are massive. Good luck...

Anonymous said...

As a member of the "Rainbow Coalition", I thank you for this post. :)

Anonymous said...

debbie reynolds has said on many occasions that this was not true of the theater there are many gay lesbian and bi players..that straights have to work worth...i worked and spent time with them all....agnes was known for her penchant for younger men , helped many gay male actors , yet the photos are always with her and men...i know many many successful lesbian women both in and out of the closet and i assure you not many men around...both her housekeepers were married with children so what is the point of these witch hunts....if she was bi so be it but she always was having a good time with the men ....look at her pics on the internet

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