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Part She Plays In Sunday Radio Skit Fits Girl, She's A Pastor's Daughter

Sarasota Herald Times
December 17, 1931
Columbus Ohio (AP)

Dramatizing the part of "Lizzie" in Seth Parker's "Sunday Evening" group is not altogether acting for Agnes Moorehead.

She has a good background for the role, for she was reared in a Presbyterian parsonage, her parents being the Reverend and Mrs. John H. Moorehead of  Linden, a Columbus suburb.  The part of "Lizzie" is a happy compromise for if Agnes is to give vent to her dramatic urge nothing could suit her parents better than the part she plays.

Miss Moorehead, the mother says, liked dramatics from the days of pinafores.  She excelled in Sunday School, Church and School entertainments.  She went in seriously for dramatics at Muskingum College at New Concord, Ohio and at the University of Wisconsin where she received her Masters Degree.

While in college she directed a few plays so successfully that she determined to enter the American Academy in New York.  She was graduated from the institution.

Aside from the characterization of  the sharp tongued "Lizzie," Miss Moorehead plays other parts on the air.

"We did not object to her going in for dramatics, says Mrs. Moorehead. The fact is she was so determined that our objections, had there been any, would have availed little.  We felt she could find greater success in a career of her own choosing than any we might choose for her."

 This was the photo used in the article.

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