Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Anonymous

This post is intended for the express purpose of telling the hater "Anonymous" that they are 100 percent out of line.  Just recently, in response to my post "Primary Preference" they felt it was appropriate to say to me "
Anonymous to me
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Primary Preference":

Sorry Darling, but you are THE most homophobic "theater person", that I have never met..... "

 Whoever you are and whatever reason compels you to refer to me as"homophobic" let me just enlighten you a wee bit. First, idiot, bigotry works both ways a concept obviously lost on you. Secondly,I am an out bisexual you jackwagon and prior to my current mate, who happens to be male, I was in a long term relationship with a woman.  It lasted nearly 20 years. Before that I had relationships with both sexes.  So the next time you decide to be a cowardly,insulting, undignified jackass make sure you know exactly who you are insulting.

The point is now and always will be love is love period. Love is also apparently something you lack in your life as well as suffering from a severe shortage of compassion and a gross lack of comprehension skills.  The cover of the book doesn't matter the content does. Which indicates that you, well, you are a sleazy poorly written piece of minor pulp fiction with a badly illustrated cover.

And oh yes, darling, anonymous more anonymous comments permitted sweetheart.  If you can't play nicely you can't play period!  Either have the conviction to identify yourself or shut up!

Have a pleasant evening gorgeous!

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