Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sean Today and Gone Tomorrow.........

December 24, 1951 Toledo Blade
Agnes Moorehead has adopted a two year old boy in the east and named him Sean. Aggie, who's had fabulous success in "Don Juan In Hell", says, "Sean is the greatest Christmas gift I could possibly be blessed with."

Close your mouth.  I sat there is stunned amazement while I was reading this too and yes, it does say that  Sean came from the east.  Everybody, including myself, has been looking for him in California.  I had, at one point mused that perhaps he was from Wisconsin or Ohio but I had never firmly decided he was from the east.  Agnes did spend a great deal of time in New York and if she adopted/fostered Sean while on tour, given the time line that would almost certainly be the case, he could have been from practically anywhere.  Just when you think you know where to look somebody else points in the opposite direction.  I feel like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" must have felt when the Scarecrow was trying to tell her which direction to go.  Honestly I think I may just go have a glass of wine and sob softly for a little while.

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