Monday, June 27, 2011

Orchids and Peanuts

While I'm working on the information about Jack Lee I decided to do this post to give you a first hand peak into Agnes' life in 1935.  I mentioned before about her being a roommate of the singer Peg LaCentra.  Here's an excerpt from a newspaper article on Peg and it specifically mentions a night out with her roommate, Agnes Moorehead.

July 1, 1935
Oakland Tribune
Orchids and Peanuts: A Radio Star's Story
By Betty Goodwin

" Some other girls are the rose-type, others get gardenias or violets but Peg seems to suggest orchids.  At least that's what her beaux usually send her......He's SO thoughtful-picked JUST what she wanted-she's going to put them on immediately.
And she does.  She pins the corsage , meant for an evening of dancing, on the lapel of her tailored suit...jams a felt sports hat on top of her curls and grabs roommate Agnes Moorehead by the arm.  "What's at the Zeigfield?" she asks "How about a steak first? Shall we call Mary?  I'll leave a note for George and tell him I just couldn't make it.  It's too much nuisance getting dressed."  And the evening ends with Peg and a spur of the moment crowd sitting in the balcony of the neighborhood movie.  They always take along bags full of gum and peanuts, hiss at the villain and stomp their feet for the hero."

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