Friday, May 20, 2016

A Shotgun Wedding For Jack?

You do the math.  Jack Lee married his second wife, Joanna Jayne Johnson, on February 18, 1956 in Los Angeles.  Joanna and Jack's first child, a son, who was named after his father, was born on May 14, 1956 in Los Angeles. This means that Joanna was just slightly over 6 months pregnant when they got married.  Shot gun wedding perhaps?  It also means that Jack was a bad boy and more importantly Jack was an extremely fertile bad boy.  Within 3 years of their marriage there were 3 children born to them.  Agnes and Jack were married for almost, 1 month short actually, 20 years and there were zero children, zero.  Agnes and Jack talked openly about adopting in their 40's but the only child Agnes would ever have living in her home was a foster child.  What am I getting at?  Jack was apparently a man who did choose not to use protection, obviously since he had a woman pregnant before they were married. Yet there are no children for the 20 years of marriage with Agnes.  Either he was a zealot about using protection with Agnes or Agnes couldn't get pregnant or they didn't have sex at all.  The form of cancer Agnes died from most often strikes women who've never been pregnant.  As I said you do the math.

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I knew this man, he was a neighbor that lived down the street from me, on Van Ness Ave in Los Angeles. He yelled at me when I was a little kid. My father had told me that he had been married to Agnes Moorehead. Well being a kid of about 8 or nine at the time. I told some of the other kids in the neighborhood. It got back to him. He was less than happy. He yelled at me one day when I was outside playing with a friend. He was furious at me and told me to stay out of his business. He was really angry and I was scared, so I waited until he stopped yelling and I ran home. I never told my parents but after that I avoided him as much as I could.

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