Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Wee, Wee Bit of Unraveling Sean

It has been brought to my attention via an anonymous source that Sean's sister, who was according to several sources adopted, was adopted by Harry Cohn and his wife Joan Perry.  She was subsequently named Catherine Perry Cohn.  She was born in 1947 in California.  I can find a record of one marriage in 1966 to Aaron Guy Stuart.  They were divorced at some point before 1988.  In the book "The Merchant Prince of Poverty Row: Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures" there is a section where the distribution of Harry's estate is discussed:
"...they had later adopted a girl, Catherine Perry Cohn, who was also included in the trust.  Harry, however, expected fidelity to the Cohn name: as one journalist remarked Catherine Perry Cohn's initials were the same as Columbia Pictures Corporation's.  This was, no doubt, coincidental, but as a Cohn, her financial future was shaped by Harry's Columbia stock.  Harry specified that if Catherine chose not to consider herself part of the Cohn family, her trust would be discontinued.

Side note...after Harry Cohn's death his widow, Joan Perry, married Harry Karl......and it just keeps getting weirder.....

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