Thursday, March 7, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Diffrent

Monty Python Does Genealogy

I have been away from my blog for some time now and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you for your well wishes.  I haven't stopped my research though, nope not a one little bit.  So, I am hereby serving notice that I have found the semi "Holy Grail" of Agnes Moorehead research.  It's the semi "Holy Grail" because it has nothing to do with Sean but it does, at last answer a question that many of us had wondered about for some time, which is, "Whatever happened to Jack G. Lee?"  I had a "Come To Jesus" moment today.  I ran around my living room yelling "I found him, I FOUND HIM!"  My husband was, alas, totally speechless at my I just scored the game winning Superbowl touchdown celebration and I was totally pumped!!!!

Here, my friends, is the answer we have all been waiting for:

Jack G Lee did remarry to one Joanna Jayne Johnson on February 18, 1956.  At the time he remarried his address was 1158 El Centro, Los Angeles, California and so was hers, yes they appear to have lived together prior to marriage.  Their marriage license was issued November 19, 1955.  Joanna remained married to him until his death and she never remarried, alas, she died in 2005.  His father's name was Robert M Lee, I knew that already, however I did not know his mother's last name was you aren't hearing things I said PING!!!  I know that my failing to be in your living room going PING at the top of my voice and laughing vigorously  at my own humor looses something in translation.  Anyway it's important, trust me.

Bring In The Expensive Machine That Goes PING!!!

So this day started with an inexplicable urge to follow up on Jack G. Lee.  Until, a short time ago, I found an actual high school picture of Jack Lee I had not one single clue as to where he spent his youth.  I had no idea what his mother's last name was.  I had only guessed that his mother's first name was and thank heavens that panned out.  I knew that he, allegedly, came from San Francisco.  I knew that his father's name, or rather combination of names, was Robert Marshall Lee or Marshall Robert Lee.  I knew his father was an actor or decorator, depending on who wrote it down.  But now I know and I know oh soooo much more my friends, oh sooooo much more.

What, you may well ask, do you know?  Well kids I know this....Jack was not an only child, nope, he wasn't.  It seems that Mr R. M Lee and Miss Susan PING had a daughter named Lucille...yup they sure did.  She was an older sister born to the pair in 1901 in, where???  Hello, MISSOURI!!!!
Woot....I'm on a roll kids.  I'm so proud I can't stand it!!!

I'll Have One Without So Much PING In It!

Okay, here's the skinny on this whole situation.  Susan Ping was the daughter of William James Ping and Hester Powell Ping.  Her parents operated the "California Home For The Care And Training Of Feeble Minded Children" in Sonoma, California.  It seems that her father had some contacts in Sutter California where the Lee family lived and henceforth Miss PING came to know Mr. R M Lee.  From this union comes Mr. Jack G Lee or as we refer to him, Mr. Agnes Moorehead.

It is little wonder that our Jack was a troubled soul.  His father was constantly on the road.  His mother ended up openly  living with the man she married after Jack's father died.  I'm sure that Jack was torn between his parents and ultimately that was responsible for some of the issues he developed as he aged.  It most likely wasn't an easy childhood and lord only knows how many times he witnessed all sorts of random things when he was young.

Susan ultimately married one Harry O'Neill and subsequently died as Mrs. O'Neill in 1949.  Lucille married a man named Harry Arnold and I've found one child between them named Nancy Lee Arnold born around 1936 in San Francisco.  I haven't found anything further there yet. 

As I uncover info I will post about it as time allows.  Right now I'm going take a victory lap around the living room and shout PING for a little while longer.  I am so hoping that my Monty Python references are not lost in translation!! Ta ta for now Cherie's!

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