Thursday, June 3, 2010

For Sale

On May 19th Aggie's North Roxbury Drive home went on the market.  The asking price is $19,000,000.00.  Contrary to what we have all read the home has not been torn down and rebuilt.  It is still listed as having been built in 1926.  According to the realtor the updates have been done to the bathrooms but the rest of the house has apparently remained original right down to the beamed ceilings in the living room.  The only photo shown by the agent is of the main patio which looks exactly as it did when Agnes was alive.  It has been painted and the plaster repaired but the area is unchanged.  The current owner has had it for 10 years.  I can tell you this if I had 19 million I'd be buying a house right this very minute just to assure that it would remain in the hands of someone who would cherish it for the history and for the chance to be closer to a family member she never had the chance to know.

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Erika1712 said...

HEFTY sum. I'm so happy to read that her house is still standing. 19 M Good Lord. Well, if I had a winning powerball ticket, it wouldn't be a question, I'm sure.
I'd love just to have a tour. That alone would thrill me.

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